Do it all while you pump

Emails, drive, shop - Mon Lait is the hands-free solution to pumping.

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Emails, drive, shop - Mon Lait is the hands-free solution to pumping.

Mon Lait Breast Pump

The Best Thing to Happen to A Breastfeeding Mom Since Naptime.

A hands-free, wearable breast pump. 
No wires. No tubes.
No noise to announce you're pumping.

Get a 2 year warranty on entire pump.
Plus, free expedited shipping.

Hands·Free Ease 

Noise·Free Convenience

Stress·Free Care

Caring for your Mon Lait Pump is incredibly easy. It only has five parts to clean and assembles in just a few seconds. 


How to assemble Mon Lait Pump

Pump When and Where You Want

No more setting aside special times and places for pumping. Cook, play, sleep, eat lunch, read a book—you can easily do it all while you pump.


"It was nice to be able to put it in my bra and not worry. That was a big plus for me!"

- Mariam


"Such a time-saver! It enabled me to breastfeed and pump at the same time —it cut my feeding time in half!"

- Alissa

On The Go

"I'm always on the go. This pump is great because it's small, quiet, and doesn't interfere with my active lifestyle."

- Diamond

"Focus on customers, not competitors."

We strive to provide an exceptional customer service not just before, but AFTER the purchase. By standing behind our products we managed to achieve an extremely high satisfaction rate...

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