If I have an implanted device, is it okay to use the Mon Lait Pump?

No. Do not use the Mon Lait Pump if you have an active implanted device that could be affected by a magnetic field (e.g., a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator). 
Can Mon Lait Pump work with different cup sizes?

 Mon Lait Pump was made to fit inside a standard nursing bra, so the cup size doesn't affect how it works. If you are wearing a stiff, structured, or inflexible bra, you can use the Mon Lait Bra Adjuster to create additional room.
Can I use my Mon Lait Pump in any position?

 We recommend that you sit or stand. However, Mon Lait Pump is designed to be flexible. It can accommodate other positions depending on the milk level in the bottle and where the pump sits on your breast. As long as the Mon Lait Pump is functioning correctly, you should be good to go in any position. 
Is a special bra required to use the Mon Lait Pump

 No, that isn't necessary. Mon Lait Pump should be firmly pressed against your breast with no gaps in between.
What is the capacity of the Mon Lait Pump cup?
8.45 oz or 250ml.
Is Mon Lait Pump breast shield suitable for me? 

The Mon Lait Pump comes with a 24mm Breast Shield. Additional sizes as well as a sizing guide are available here.

How strong is the suction ?
At 300 mmHg peak power, the Mon Lait Pump is in-line with wired "Hospital Grade" pumps. It has two modes and 5 levels of intensity. Expression mode suction value ranges from 120~300 mmHg. Stimulation mode suction value ranges from 30~180 mmHg.
How long does it take to charge the pump from zero to full ?
About two (2) hours. Please make sure you are using a 5W power adapter.
For how long does the battery last ?
Depending on suction level, the Mon Lait Pump lasts for 70-90 minutes of work time.
Is it safe to use sterilization bags that go in the microwave?

Yes. Steam sterilizing bags is the most common method of sterilization. Also, all parts (except the motor) are dishwasher safe. Hand wash & baby soap works great too. Avoid boiling of any kind. It will damage the silicone.

Will it leak if I bend over ? 

No. The Mon Lait Pump will not leak unless you flip it upside-down.

Does it have a timer on it ?

Yes. The Mon Lait Pump will auto shut-off every 20 minutes.

I'm a DDD. Will this work for me ?

Yes. The Mon Lait Pump works with any breast size. Nipple size is the only thing that matters. Please see nipple sizing guide here.

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