Lactation Massager

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Meet a New Mom’s Breast Friend

If you’re a breastfeeding or pumping mom, you know the pleasure of nourishing your baby often comes with some pain. Clogged milk ducts. Mastitis. Challenges with milk flow. Engorged breasts. Thankfully, the Mon-Lait Lactation Massager is designed to help soothe or prevent all of that. 

With five massage modes and three intensity levels, its heating and massage modes offer the perfect way to easily and effectively warm and massage sore breasts, unblock clogged ducts, and relieve mastitis while encouraging better milk let-down. 

Clogs don’t go away on their own and can lead to painful infections. Compression techniques are tiring, and time-consuming Let the Mon Lait Lactation Massager lend a helping hand in avoiding those things—leaving you more time to lovingly bond with your new baby.


 Great Breast Support

Fewer clogged ducts mean more milk and better let-down and flow. And a softer breast allows your baby to latch better. Tiny enough to fit into bras, the Mon-Lait Lactation Massager also provides hands-free, easy-to-use assistance during breastfeeding or pumping.

  • Relieve pain and discomfort as you initially produce milk
  • Soften your breast before feeding to improve latching and encourage let-down
  • Improve milk flow while breastfeeding or expressing with a pump
  • Unblock plugged ducts to soothe tender, engorged breasts
  • Replace exhausting hand-compression techniques

IPX7 Waterproof

 The Mon Lait Lactation Massager is highly waterproof and ideal for use in the shower and for giving new moms a relaxing break.


In the box: 

  1 Lactation Massager

1 Storage bag

1 User Manual

 1 USB cable

We now offer special terms to expectant moms! 

If you wish to buy the Mon Lait Lactation Massager in advance but worry you will lose a 30 day money back guarantee and most of your warranty time, don’t worry.

Once you place your order, reply to the confirmation email with your due date. We will have both the return policy and warranty go into effect after you deliver.